Physics Didactics

The research group is strongly interdisciplinary and studies the field of physics from a pedagogical point of view. The group is in high collaboration with the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu. With this unique collaboration both scientific and pedagogical excellence can be utilized for the research.

The person in charge of the research group is Doc. Saana-Maija Huttula.

Lectures need development: Requiremenents for a high-quality physics education from a teacher's perspective:

One example of the ongoing research is M.Sc. Anu Tuomela’s PhD research. The first partial study of the research is focused on examining the requirements for high-quality university physics education.Throughout Anu's PhD study, aim is to enhance physics education by utilizing design-based research.

contact: anu.tuomela(at)

Fighting against student attrition in university physics degree program:

In M.Sc. Laura Timonen’s ongoing PhD research, the topics are the meanings of the teacher tutor –system, academic emotions of the students during the 1st year of studies, and their possible connections to student attrition or succeeding in studies in the physics degree program of the University of Oulu. This research is funded by the LUMA Centre of Oulu and the University Of Oulu’s physics degree program. 

contact laura.timonen(at)


The group offers topics for both bachelor’s and master’s theses.

If you are interested in the research group of physics didactics, please contact Docent Saana-Maija Huttula.

Docent. Saana-Maija Huttula
Office FY229

Last updated: 16.1.2019