Blueberry - project for more sustainable future

More sustainable future through characterization of catalytic nanomaterials

One of the latest projects (ERDF project) of Nano and molecular systems (NANOMO) research unit, focused on the characterization of catalytic properties of nanomaterials, utilizes the high excellence of the basic physics research as well as new innovations. Moreover, the project is focused on material analysis and functionalisation, but also on developing commercial products.

This new project, called as “Blueberry”, targets on developing the specific processes related to sustainable development, circular economy and carbon neutral energy production

On the research point of view the project is focused on verifying, characterizing and evaluating new photocatalyic nanomaterials. At the NANOMO unit, the investigation of the porperties of different photon-assisted catalytic materials is possible throughout the project. Furthermore, new important information about water purification and gas production is achieved.

During the project, a new setup for the investigation of the photocatalytic materials will be installed to NANOMO laboratory. By utilizing the setup, one is able to expose the photocatalytic nanomaterials by photons with specific properties. Additionally, the setup allows the investigation of the reactions of the materials e.g. in water. Other commercial applications for such photocatalytic nanomaterials are e.g. carbon-free energy sources and cleaning of process liquids.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Contact information:

Prof. Marko Huttula (marko.huttula(at)
Doc. Wei Cao (Wei.Cao(at)

Last updated: 19.1.2017