ATMOS: AI and Machine Learning team

Lachlan Birdsey
Post-Doctoral Researcher


I hail from Australia’s driest (and wine) capital, Adelaide. After a brief 2 year stint as a musician, sound engineer and producer, I pursued a degree in computer science specialising in agent-based modelling and programming language theory.
I now position myself on the other side of the world from my upbringing as the chief ATMOS computer scientist, still working with agent-based modelling and AI but with a purpose to help alleviate climate change.
But oh boy, the weather sure is cold here.
Mira Hulkkonen
PhD Student
Climate change is intriguingly complex, alarming and all-encompassing. Willingness to understand it as well as possible and to contribute to solutions aiming to mitigate it has been the driving force of my career since the day I chose to study Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki. My path towards a PhD took a little detour to the private sector: during close to 7 years in a consulting company I got to see how knowledge is converted into concrete actions mitigating climate change (such as more than 1000 MW of wind power around the world!). Now I’m back in academia, doing AI-enhanced research on the complex interplay of individual people in an urban system, their atmospheric impact and exposure to air pollution, with focus on the potential to affect behavior and to reduce emissions with incentives.
Apart from science, I love my little family, figure skating, the runner’s high, lake Saimaa, yoga and books. I’m also an aspiring author: my debut non-fiction is on its way.
Saara Pesonen
MSc Student

I’m a trail running southern gal from Helsinki and my background is in physics and mathematics. I’m a M.Sc. student in the AI and machine learning team. I work on projects aiming to decrease individuals' carbon footprint created from Internet usage and decrease air pollution from traffic. My working methods are agent-based modelling and complex system adaptation. I’m glad to be able to work with things that are important and close to my heart in ATMOS. 
Niko Blomberg
MSc Student



Last updated: 22.8.2019