14-year follow-up study

Inquiry  to all children alive at the age of 14 years was conducted by postal questionnaire concerning their growth and heath, living habits, school performance and family situation.

Target population: N = 11 778 (100%)

Cases with known address: N = 11 764 (99.9%)

Data received: N = 11 010 (93.6%)

Data collection
Addresses of the children and data of mortality were obtained from  the National Population Centre of Finland and Central Statistical Office of Finland by sending identity numbers of children to these authorities. If the address was not obtained from these authorities,  it was inquired from the church register offices and finnish embassiess abroad. The address was not found for 14 cases living abroad.

The postal questionnaire was sent first to the children and then if they did not respond to their parents.

In order to get information on all the children, the same questionnaire was sent to the regional school offices and to the school health nurses if the children or their parents did not respond.

Questionnaire forms in finnish and in english

The variable list
Original coding instructions and descriptions of variables

Main articles
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