One year follow-up study

Data concerning children's growth, health and development have been collected from chlidren's welfare clinics at about one year of age.

Target population: children at the age of 1 year: N = 11 870 (100%)

Data collected: N = 10 821 (91.2%)

Data collection
Developmental data from children were obtained during the children's visits to the welfare centres and were supplemented with the information obtained in a special examination performed by the public health nurses at the age of one for research purposes. In 95% of the cases information was collected by the age of at least 11.5 months. This data has been supplemented during the years 2005-2011.

Questionnaire forms (card V) in finnish and in english
Questionnaire forms (card VII) in finnish

The variable list
Coding instructions (in finnish)

Main article
von Wendt L., Mäkinen H., Rantakallio P.: Psychomotor development in the first year and mental retardation - a prospective study. J. Ment. Defic. Res., 1984, 28: 219-225.

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