Opthalmological data up to the age of 5 years

Data concerning visits to the opthalmological departments and clinics of central hospitals of the cohort-district.

Visits to the opthalmological clinics and policlinics: N = 762 (100%)

Number of visits in the data: N = 696 (91.3%)

Number of children visited to the opthalmological clinics and policlinics: N = 730 (100%)

Number of children in the data: N = 632 (86.6%)

Data collection
The records of cohort's children were consulted (in 1966-1971) at all opthalmological departments in the districts of Oulu and Lapland, i.e. at the one University Hospital and three central hospitals. Each visit to an outpatient clinic and each period of hospital admission during theit first five years of life were recorded. The research form was filled in by Ulf Krause. Research forms were saved to the   punch cards by the researh secretaries according to detailed instructions under the supervision of the researcher. The data were double-checked by punching the forms twice and after verifying differences between the two punchings the values were corrected to the data by checking those from the questionnaire forms.

File information
Aliases: 5-year eye-cards, ready-eye.

Questionnaire form (in finnish)

The variable list (in finnish)

Coding instructions (in finnish)

Main articles
Rantakallio P., Krause U., Krause K.: The use of the ophthalmological services during the preschool age, ocular findings and family background. J. Pediatr. Ophthal. Strab. 1978, 15: 253-258.

Krause K., Krause U., Rantakallio P.: Regional differences in the use of ophthalmological services during the pre-school period. Nordic Council Arct. Med. Res. Rep. 1978, 23: 20-25.

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