CNS infections 0-14 year

Central nervous system infections up to 14 years.

Selected cases
Children treated in newborn hospital during perinatal period.

Data collection
Morbidity and mortality data were collected (in 1980) in several ways during the period 1966-1983, the most important sources of information on the occurrence of CNS infections being diagnoses recorded in connection with admissions to the 4 children's hospitals in the area from 1966 to 1972, which were collected by the research group (N 3 528), and subseguently the national hospital discharge register (N 5 454). An additional 12.1 % of the cases were identifield from other sources, however, mainly the records of neurological out-patient clinics and death certificates. These records showed that 175 children had suffered from 182 CNS infections before the age of 14. All the relevant records from 25 different hospitals were reviewed by the study group except for 3 episodes of meningitis for which no records could be traced, even though follow-up data were available on these children. The remaining 179 episodes of suspected CNS infections were found to include 4 cases of other diseases (Guillan-Barré syndrome, ependymoma, Waterhouse-Friedrichsen syndrome without signs of meningitis on autopsy, gastrointestinal disturbance), and in one child the diagnosis of CNS infection remained unverified. The final series thus contained 174 verified CNS infections in 167 children.

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The variable list

Bacterial and viral CNS infections.

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