Health of men 1990

Health and life satisfaction of male cohorth members at 1990.

Number of cases
Data obtained N = 2 500

Data collection
Cohort's person identification numbers together with cohort's id-numbers were sent to the statistical office of Finland. They sent back the file with cohort's id-number and with the data requested.

All applications and preferences for intermediate education were stored in national registers maintained by the Ministry of Education and were linked with the records of the birth cohort. Ninety-five percent of the adolescents in this cohort participated in the national application system. The outcomes of their intermediatelevel education were ascertained from the school offices.

The variable list

Main article
Pietilä A.-M.: Elämänhallinta ja terveys. Pitkittäistutkimus pohjoissuomalaisilla nuorilla miehillä. Acta Univ Oul Medica D 313, 1994 (Thesis)

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