Newborn hospital data

Data of children who were treated  in newborn nursery during perinatal period.

Selected cases
Children treated in newborn hospital during perinatal period.

Data collection
Data was retrospectively collected (in 1966-1967) from case records in children's departments of central hospitals.
For the analysis of the perinatal brain damage the data of all the children with a known neonatal diagnosis of asphyxia, cerebral lesion or intracranial haemorrhage (IVH), those with an Apgar score of 0 at 1 min or < 5 at 15 min, and the children with neonatal convulsions were considered. The diagnoses represent the diagnostic principles and laboratory resources which were characteristic of welleguipped paediatric units in the 1960s. Brain injury diagnosis was if the child had had some problems during the neonatal period and at the time of discharge that he was judged to have neurological abnormalities, such as abnormal muscle tonus. The diagnosis of IVH was made if blood was found in the CSF or if IVH was found at autopsy. Asphyxia diagnosis was based on laboratory (blood gases analysis) and clinical signs (need of extra oxygen or assisted ventilation). Out of the 142 cases of asphyxia with known Apgar scores there were 30 who scored more than 8 at 1 min; of these 3 had low scores at 15 min, and for 7 children this data was missing, therefore leaving 20 children, 14.1%, for whom asphyxia diagnosis was not made during the first 15 min of life. Out of 27 children with normal Apgar scores at 1 min and normal or unknown at 15 min, 12 children died during the first week of life. One of them had pulmonary haemorrhage, one pneumothorax, and the others postnatal atelectasis. One of these children had malformations of larynx and died at the age of one month. Three of the survivors had aspiration syndrome as an additional diagnosis, one maternal trauma, one hypoglycaemia and one ablatio placentae. Of the remaining 8 children 3 were born at week 36 of gestation and for the other 5 children no addition diagnosis related to asphyxia was recorded.

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Main article
Rantakallio P., von Wendt L., Koivu M.: Prognosis of perinatal brain damage: a prospective study of a one year birth cohort of 12 000 children. Early Hum. Dev. 1987, 15: 75-84.


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