Scientific Committee

Includes users of the NFBC data  

Appointment subject to the invitation

  • The NFBC Research Director invites the relevant users of the NFBC data, the relevant NFBC personnel and other experts to the Scientific Committee meetings
  • There is no fixed term for this committee, but members are defined on the basis described above.

Chairing and record keeping

  • The NFBC Research Director is the chair of the committee
  • The NFBC Project Center staff  will record the minutes of the meeting.

Frequency of meetings
Meets several times a year as needed

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Aims to promote appropriate, high-standard use of the data.
  • Supervises and develops the documentation of data.
  • Assists in supervising the use of data i.e. data experts in the data application procedure.
  • Ensures compliance with the good scientific practice in research and publication policy
  • Collects the feedback from NFBC data users


Last updated: 23.1.2017