NFBC Scientific Advisory Board


  • Consists of maximum of five members, including at least three outstanding international scientists, who must work in fields pertinent to NFBC.
  • NFBC representatives present in the meetings (non-members): the Research and Scientific Directors of NFBC.

Appointment and term

  • Members are nominated by the Research Rector of University of Oulu for a four ¬†year term

Chairing and record keeping

  • Board will nominate its chair person.
  • NFBC Research Director will record the minutes of the meeting.

Frequency of meetings
Meets at least once a year.
Meetings will be organised at periodic intervals for the examination of the performance of the NFBC research projects and are convened by the NFBC Scientific Director.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Evaluates the performance of the NFBC operations
  • Makes suggestions to the Steering Committee on development and future directions of the NFBC project
  • Supports the Research and Scientific Directors on the following:
    • Scientific activities of the project
    • Relevance and quality of the science performed
    • Emerging scientific trends and new areas of research
    • Challenges and opportunities in international context
    • The knowledge translation and science communication activities within the project; and Scientific partnerships and linkages

Last updated: 9.7.2020