Material Request

How to apply NFBC data? General instructions

I Permission to analyse the data

  1. Fill in the material data request in the Material request portal (Greip) (see instructions).
  2. Attach a list of variables (Excel file) with names of the data consultants (reviewers of the application) and a research plan (max 2 pages). In the research plan there have to be clearly aims, hypothese, the relevant exposure, outcome and confounders.
  3. Submit the request (or Save to be submitted later).
  4. Once the final decision regarding the material request has been made, all contact persons be notified of the decision by email.
  5. For granted request the researcher will receive notification when the data has been compiled.
  6. To access the data via NFBC portal a Univ-account of University of Oulu is needed (see instructions on how to apply)
  7. Data transfer agreement (DTA) will be asked when the material request is granted if the data will be analysed outside University of Oulu.

II Permission to publish the data

  1. Before submitting you work to be published we ask you to send your manuscript for evaluation.
  2. Fill in the material request in the Material request portal (Greip) (see instructions) and choose Publication.
  3. Indicate in the form the number of your original material request.
  4. Attach the manuscript and the list of variables that were used in this work (with names of the data consultants).

Access to the Material request Portal

Instructions for evaluators

Data transfer agreement (DTA)

Material transfer agreement (MTA)

Last updated: 20.1.2017