Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 Study

NFBC1986 is a longitudinal one-year birth cohort study from an unselected population. The cohort included all the mothers (N = 9 362) with children whose expected date of birth felt between July 1st 1985 - June 30th 1986 in the two northermost provinces on Finland (Oulu and Lapland). A small percentage of the births occurred towards the end of June 1985 and begin of July 1986.
The number of deliveries in the cohort was 9 362, which was 99% of all the deliveries taking place in the target period of the cohort.

Altogether 9 479 children were born into the cohort, 9 432 of them live-born. The original data have been supplemented by data collected with postal questionnaires at the ages of 7, 8 and 15 / 16 years and various hospital records and statistical register data.

Number of children born

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