Obstetric data of children born in Oulu and of their mothers

Obstetric data collected for 1966-cohort's children whose mothers were living permanently in the city of Oulu.

Selected cases
Prenatal information concerning mother's health condition during pregnancy was obtained from the antenatal cards requested from the antenatal clinics.

Data collection
Delivery data was collected (1965-1967) by filling in a questionnaire  in the maternity hospitals in Oulu by midfives. The forms were coded  and saved to the   punch cards by the researh secretary according to detailed instructions under the supervision of the researcher. The data were double-checked by punching the forms twice and after verifying differences between the two punchings the values were corrected to the data.

Koko aineistoa ei ole käytetty missään julkaisuissa. 14-vuotistutkimuksessa ja myöhemmin kun on täydennetty obstetrista aineistoa (f8.data) esimerkiksi skitsofrenian, epilepsian jne. osalta on käytetty tätä aineistoa.

The variable list

Questionnaire form (in finnish)

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