Ophthalmological data 1981

Ophthalmological data collected (in 1980) from Oulu University Hospital  and private doctors.

Target population ( Cohort cases living in the province of Oulu): N = 6 540 (100%)

Cases with registered visits to opthalmoligists or to the Oulu University Hospital Eye Clinic: N = 1 939  

Recorded visits: N = 3 701

Eyes with refraction measurement: N = 7 184

Data collection
Opthlamological records ot the cohort children were collected from the offices of 23 private opthalmologists and from the Oulu University Hospital. In some areas the children were examined by an opthalmologist at school and records are made on their health cards.   The values were filled in to forms in offices of private opthalmologists and Oulu University Hospital Eye Clinic and then saved to computer disks in the Institute of Health Sciences of University of Oulu.

Questionnaire form (in finnish)

The variable list

Main articles
Krause U., Krause K., Rantakallio P.: Sex differences in refraction errors up to the age of 15. Acta Ophthalmol. 1982, 60: 917-926.


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