Ophthalmological data 1986

Data concerning cases who had myopia in the ophthalmological study at the age of 14 and their controls.

Target population:Cohort cases living in the province of Oulu: N = 6 540

Cases with registered visits to  opthalmoligists or to the Oulu University Hospital Eye Clinic: N = 1 939 (100%)

Data obtained: N = 1 939 (100%)

Cases with known myopia in 1981: N = 707

Data obtained: N = 236 (33.4%)

Controls: N = 784

Data obtained: N = 266 (33.9%)

Data collection
707 cases with known myopia at the age of 15 were selected to the the study and 784 randomly chose persons of the same sex distribution and  with subjectively normal vision in the 1980 adolescence questionnaire were invited for an ophthalmolocical examination. All respondents were asked to bring with them all of their own and the latest of their parents' prescriptions for spectacles and data from these and refraction measurements were performed by Ulf Krause at the Oulu University Hospital Eye Clinic . Data of Oulu district ophthalmologists, Eye Clinic records,  prescriptions and refraction measurements as well as   interview data were filled in to the questionnaire forms in the Clinic and saved into computer files  by research secretaries in the Department of Public Heath Science of University of Oulu .

Main articles
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Möttönen J., Oja H., Krause U., Rantakallio P.: Application of random coefficient regression model to myopiadata: A case study. Biometrical Journal 1995,37/6:657-672.

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