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A short introduction of the author:

Paavo Johannes Havas

Born in Oulu
13th Nov 1929
Secondary school graduate
(Oulu lyceum) 1949
Master of Science
(University of Helsinki) 1954Licentiate in Philosophy (University of Helsinki) 1959
Doctor of Philosophy

(University of Oulu) 1961
Assistant professor
(University of Oulu) 1963
(University of Oulu) 1973
(University of Oulu) 1994

The area of research: plant ecology, especially winter- and forest ecology.

Hobby: nature programs in computer - like this!

 Homeadress: Ratakatu 13 B 18, 90100 Oulu, Finland
Tel.: +358-(0)8-339406,
GSM: +358-(0)44-5544031

Hylocomium-Myrtillus -type spruce forest (so-called thick moss -type).