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From the 'Opening pages' you’ll find:
1. Home (general information about this programme), 2. Introduction of the author of the programme and publications, 3. Search (after the topics or headwords), 4. Link to the language (Finnish or English).
From the 'Current affairs' -pages you’ll find:
1. Titles of news about the nature of North Finland (from newspapers; in finnish secton, only), introductions of some ecological researches going on in North Finland, 2. pictures of nature, 3. web-links about nature in Northern Finland.
From the 'Nature/general' you’ll find:
1. General features about the northern nature (plant- and zoogeography), 2. general ecology (partly animal ecology, too), 3. web-links about nature in Northern Finland.
From the 'Animal world' you’ll find:
1.Northerness as an environment to the animals’, 2. parts about northern insects, fishes, birds, carnivorous vertebrates, reindeer and norway lemming, 3. general ecology (partly animal ecology, too).
'Plant cover' takes you to the plant ecology and vegetation:
1. Introductions of the most important plant communities (forests, peatland, aquatic nature, fjelds), 2. some northern plants, 3. general ecology (partly animal ecology, too).
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Don’t panic if you get lost!

Enjoy in the nature of North!

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