Pictures about the nature of North-Finland: year 2001

There are in Finland over 100 plant species, those will fall down the seeds in wintertime (so called winter-seeds).
A part of those are grasses, whose dead stalks reach over the snowcover; the seeds will fall down on the snow.
Seeds are usually hardy against frost and will spread on the snow by wind. In this picture: European goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea),
common in northern Finland (meadows, forests etc.)

The weight of snow on the trees (= tykky-snow) has not been very heavy in this year (2001) on the forestlines of North Finland,
because snow was light and was not grasped to the trees. In the picture you can find some tykky-damages from previoius years:
broken/ dead tops of pines and spruces. - It can be some tons of snow in one tree!

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