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1. Environmental factors: Light

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1. Environmental factors:


*Light under the snow; see section 'Snow'!

You are now in the part dealing with the lighting conditions in the winter.
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1. Enviromental factors: light

The annual variation of light is great here...

...but not as great as it is farther north. In the northernmost parts of our country the sun is below the horizon for about two months in the winter, and continuously above the horizon for slightly more than two months in the summer. See also: Variation of light!

Under the snow it is dark, or at least dusky the whole winter. N.B. Information about snow can be found on the environmental factors menu.

The annual variation of daylight (the length of day) has a great significance in the timing of life phenomena, for instance in winter hardening. See also:
Vegetation getting ready for winter! ja Animals getting ready for winter!

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