Book: Humanizing the web – Change and social innovation

Harri Oinas-Kukkonen & Henry Oinas-Kukkonen

This book is an eye-opener, which explains the ongoing transformation of the web into humanized web – something that will have an enormous impact on how people work and live their lives in the near future. The book will help readers understand why the web evolved as it did, what is going on right now and why, and what will happen in the web innovation next.


The book can be described as a discourse in four ways

  • First, it is a discourse between the interviewees and the authors; the interviewees being Silicon Valley related visionaries and the authors being Scandinavian researchers.
  • Second, the topic is such that for many of the issues raised no definite answers can be given
  • Third, it is a discourse between two voices, Computer Scientist and Historian, two brothers, who have a long-term academic experience
  • Fourth, even though the social web as business is being debated much online, the discussion is scattered around in different forums, such as Twitter and blogs—this book makes a coherent argument about the social web as a business ecosystem.


This book builds upon rigor scientific research carried out by the authors over the past 20 years in multiple contexts and stages of development of the web

The book draws upon 20 longish interviews of highly recognized world-class web innovators, who are Silicon Valley specialists and influencers, including innovators, founders, and managers from companies and organizations such as LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Flickr, MySQL, Google, Firefox, Cisco Systems and Yahoo!

The book is structured around the important issues regarding the social and future web with many illustrative cases and examples—these are not, however, presented in a case-by-case manner.



HARRI OINAS-KUKKONEN is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Oulu, Finland. He has been listed among the hundred most influential ICT experts in the country, and a key person to whom companies should talk to when developing their strategies for web-based services. In 2005, he was awarded The Outstanding Young Person of Finland award by the Junior Chamber of Commerce for his achievements in helping industrial companies to improve their Web usability. His current research interests include human-computer interaction, persuasive design and behavior change.

HENRY OINAS-KUKKONEN is a Senior Lecturer in History and an Adjunct Professor of History of International Relations and Information Networks at the University of Oulu, Finland. His current research interests include the history of computing, social web and innovation. He has also worked on the history of the Occupation of Japan, US-Finnish relations, and American plans to resettle Finnish World War II refugees into Alaska. He has many years of experience in carrying out original research in American, Scandinavian and Japanese archives.


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248 pages
Published 2013
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Interesting and beneficial for multiple audiences: businessacademicstudent and general audiences


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Vint Cerf
Henry Chesbrough
Douglas Engelbart
Judy Estrin
Caterina Fake
BJ Fogg
Hector Garcia-Molina
Mark Granovetter
Reid Hoffman
John Lilly
Mårten Mickos
Ted Nelson
Tim O’Reilly
Paul Saffo
Neal Sample
AnnaLee Saxenian
Ben Shneiderman
Jimmy Wales
Bebo White
Terry Winograd

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