OBI – Oulu BioImaging

Oulu BioImaging OBI collects the researchers, core facility experts and Ph.D. students at the University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital under an umbrella where expertise, knowledge and equipment are presented and available to the scientific community in Oulu area.  As a member of Biocenter Finland National Imaging Infrastructure Network (NIIN) and as an associated partner of Euro-BioImaging network it is a part of a large collaborative research infrastructure environment. Oulu BioImaging deploys distributed biological and technical imaging infrastructure facilities in a coordinated and harmonized manner. At the frontier between molecular and cell biology, whole animal imaging,  medical imaging,  optoelectronics and machine vision,  mathematics and bioinformatics, Oulu BioImaging gathers several outstanding biologically, medically and technically oriented imaging laboratories  with the aim to cover recent advances in microscopy, spectroscopy, optical tomography, photonics, pattern recognition and image analysis. In addition to collecting images by various techniques, Oulu BioImaging provides various quantitative measurements and computational analysis and an integrative understanding of a wide range of cellular and tissue activities. Oulu BioImaging is a highly pluridisciplinary network with participants working on the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, computer science and engineering. The strength of the Oulu BioImaging consortium is to put efforts together to overcome technological barriers persisting at different levels of molecular, cellular and tissue imaging.

OBI Aims:

- Break the frontiers of knowledge through our research programs in cellular, medical and developmental biology.

- Strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of Oulu through developments of new instruments and image analysis methods made available to the wide research community nationally and internationally.

- Bring together research and innovation through our collaborative projects with industrial partners.