Center for Machine Vision Research at Infotech Oulu and the Faculty of Technology

The Center for Machine Vision Research (CMV) is renowned world-wide for its expertise in computer vision.

In general, the goal of the research is to develop novel computer vision methods and technologies that create basis for emerging innovative applications. Therefore, the CMV has also a great interest in developing methods and systems that could be applied to biomedical images.

As a member of Oulu BioImaging (OBI), we can develop at request biomedical image analysis methods and systems. Based on our strong knowledge on many computer vision fields, we can offer solutions that can, for example,

  • detect and segment individual objects or particles,
  • model their shapes and morphology,
  • track their movement across the image sequences, and
  • detect events or anomalies based on the features computed from the data.

More information about biomedical image analysis.

Last updated: 11.1.2013