Micro-computed Tomography

Institute of Biomedicine has two micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) scanners for both in-vivo and ex-vivo use. Both scanners are manufactured by Bruker micro-CT (http://www.skyscan.be/). Within our Institute we are mainly interested of biomedical and clinical applications but we are also open for morphological characterization of other materials.

Sample images (from left to right): Mouse femur, Kidney vascularity after microfil perfusion and polymer textile.

The ex-vivo micro-CT (SkyScan 1174) is located at the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. With modifiable X-ray tube, filter and camera setting the scanner is suitable for wide range of applications. Mineralized objects such as bone and teeth and dense biomaterials such as PLA can be scanned without additional staining. For tissues with no natural contrast, different contrast agents can be used (PTA, Iodine, Osmium tetroxide etc.). An object with diameter from 5 to 30 mm can be scanned with isotropic pixel size from 6 to 30 µm, respectively. Maximal object height is always 50 mm.

The in-vivo scanner (SkyScan 1176) has excellent resolution with isotropic pixel size down to 9 µm. For in-vivo research resolutions of 18 µm or 35 µm can provide sufficient amount information with optimal dose. Animal (and object) diameter has been fixed to 35/68 mm with maximal length of 200 mm. Instrument is suitable for various specimens from lung tissue to titanium implants. Pre-clinical in-vivo applications vary from angiography to quantitative analysis of skeletal, fat and lung tissues, and diagnosis of pathologies within these tissues. Also a visualization of systolic and diastolic phases of lung and hearth can be achieved with gating system. We can also perform contrast agent perfusion for vascular imaging.

Price list for available services.

If you are interested in using micro-CT scanners for your research, feel free to contact us. Contact details can be found below:

Responsible scientist & Main user:  

Mikko Finnilä, M.Sc.
Department of Medical Technology
Institute of Biomedicine
E-mail. mikko.finnila (at) oulu.fi
Tel. +358-503501894

Senior scientist:        

Simo Saarakkala, Ph.D., Adjunct prof.
Department of Medical Technology
Institute of Biomedicine
E-mail. simo.saarakkala (at) oulu.fi
Tel. +358-400354512

Example images of A) titanium filled with bone, B) liver vascular imaging, and C) abdominal fat.



Last updated: 25.1.2013