Academy of Finland funding to Janne Heikkilä to develop computer vision methods for application of computer-mediated reality

Professor Janne Heikkilä (Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu) has received four years Academy Project funding (490 420 €) from Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering for a project entitled: 3D vision based computer-mediated reality.

Project description: Computer-mediated reality (CMR) refers to technology that enables manipulating the human perception by means of computer-generated stimuli, for example, using a wearable display. This project aims to development of novel computer vision methods for creating practical applications of CMR. One of the topics investigated is image-based localization that provides a full six degrees of freedom pose for aligning the computer-generated 3D models with the scene the user sees through the display. Another topic is image-based 3D modeling that is needed for producing photorealistic models of the physical objects manipulated and displayed to the user. In addition, the project contains three case studies for demonstrating the computer vision methods developed in real application scenarios.

Last updated: 1.7.2016