Docent Vesa Kiviniemi has received 1.2 M€ funding from Jane ja Aatos Erkko foundation for developing MRI scanning for early phase diagnosis of dementia

In 2013 prof. Maiken Nedergaard described the brain glymphatic clearance system, where system arterial pulsations push fluid through the brain tissue and wash away debris. Blocking of the glymphatic system causes proteins to accumulate, form oligomers, which then leads to neurodegeneration. The Oulu Functional NeuroImaging ( team led by Kiviniemi discovered a new, non-invasive and safe way to measure the glymphatic system pulsations in the human brain and found two other glymphatic pulsations in the human brain. Preliminary results suggests that we can detect alterations in these pulsation very early phase of dementia. The current funding is aimed to the development of novel diagnostic approaches to degenerative brain diseases. The research opens an un-presented therapeutic window for developing preventive measures against dementia based on mechanisms leading to the disease. This research is based on internationally recognized multimodal MREG research of OFNI funded by Academy of Finland and CSTI/SHOK by TEKES.

Last updated: 1.7.2016