An article published in Development by Vainio Group

Seppo Vainio´s group with PhD-student Ulla Saarela as the first author has published an article in Development. The article describes a method that can be used for studying morphogenesis ex vivo at the level of the single constituent cells of a complex mammalian organogenesis model system. The article was a collaboration of Biocenter Oulu, Infotech and Center for Machine vision groups from University of Oulu and University of Sorbonne.

Novel fixed Z-dimension (FiZD) kidney primordia and an organoid culture system for time-lapse confocal imaging. Saarela U, Akram SU, Desgrange A, Rak-Raszewska A, Shan J, Cereghini S, Ronkainen VP, Heikkilä J, Skovorodkin I, Vainio SJ


Last updated: 12.5.2017