Osmo Tervonen

MD,PhD, Docent
+358 40 5587459
Department of Radiology,
Oulu University Hospital, POB 50, 90029 Oulu, Finland


Curriculum vitae

Present position

Professor at the Department of Radiology, Oulu University Hospital

Research summary

The present focus is to understand the consciousness and how it is related to data measured from the human body. The basic approach is the worldview defined by the principles in quantum physics which have been further modelled by various researchers. One scope will be to get better explanation of the unity of which is now typically described as a mind-body problem.

Recent publications:

Veijola, J., Guo, J.Y., Moilanen, J.S., Jääskeläinen, E., Miettunen, J., Kyllönen, M., Haapea, M., Huhtaniska, S., Alaräisänen, A., Mäki, P., Kiviniemi, V., Nikkinen, J., Starck, T., Remes, J.J., Tanskanen, P., Tervonen, O., Wink, A.-M., Kehagia, A., Suckling, J., Kobayashi, H., Barnett, J.H., Barnes, A., Koponen, H.J., Jones, P.B., Isohanni, M., Murray, G.K.
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Toljamo, P.S., Pulkkinen, P., Lammentausta, E., Tervonen, O., Jamsa, T., Nieminen, M.T.
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