Vesa Korhonen

Vesa KorhonenPhD

Department of Radiology,

Oulu University Hospital, POB 50, 90029 Oulu, Finland


Present position

Research Engineer

Research summary

My research focuses on simultaneous multimodal measurements, and especially on near-infrared spectroscopy. Our multimodal imaging system consists of NIRS, EEG, NIBP, fMRI with ultrafast MREG imaging sequence and anesthesia monitor which all we can measure in synchrony. Currently we are measuring both controls and epileptic and narcoleptic patients using the whole setup and also BBBD treatment without fMRI. Spesifically, my responsibility are NIRS brain data analysis and its comparison to other modalities.

Recent publications

A. Zienkiewich, N. Huotari, L. Raitamaa, V. Raatikainen, H. Ferdinando, E. Vihriälä, V. Korhonen, T. Myllylä and V. Kiviniemi ”Continuous blood pressure recordings simultaneously with functional brain imaging – studies of glymphatic system”, Proc. SPIE 10063, Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XIV, 1006311 (March 3, 2017); doi:10.1117/12.2252032

T. Myllylä, E. Vihriälä, M. Pedone, V. Korhonen, L. Surazynski, M. Wrobel, A. Zienkiewicz, J. Hakala, H. Sorvoja, J. Lauri, T. Fabritius, M. Jedrzejewska-Szczerska, V. Kiviniemi and I. Meglinski “Prototype of an opto-capacitive probe for non-invasive sensing cerebrospinal fluid circulation”, Proc. SPIE 10063, Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XIV, 100630M (March 3, 2017); doi:10.1117/12.2251977

V. Raatikainen, N. Huotari, V. Korhonen, A. Rasila, J. Kananen, L. Raitamaa, T. Keinänen, J. Kantola, O. Tervonen and V. Kiviniemi, “Combined spatiotemporal ICA (stICA) for continuous and dynamic lag structure analysis of MREG data”, NeuroImage, vol. 148 (1), March 2017, pages 352-363.

V. Kiviniemi, V. Korhonen, J. Kortelainen, S. Rytky, T. Keinänen (nee Hiltunen), T. Tuovinen, M. Isokangas, E. Sonkajärvi, T. Siniluoto, J. Nikkinen, S. Alahuhta, O. Tervonen, T. Turpeenniemi-Hujanen, T. Myllylä, O. Kuittinen and J. Voipio (2017) “Real time monitoring of human blood brain barrier disruption”, PLoS ONE 12(3): e0174072. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0174072

T. Myllylä, N. Zacharias, V. Korhonen, A. Zienkiewicz, H. Hinrichs, V. Kiviniemi and M. Walter, “Multimodal brain imaging with magnetoencephalography: A method for measuring blood pressure and cardiorespiratory oscillations”, Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 172 (2017). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-00293-7

V. Korhonen (2016) Integrating near-infrared spectroscopy to synchronous multimodal neuroimaging. Applications and novel findings. PhD Thesis. University of Oulu. D1392.

K. Kauppi, V. Korhonen, M. Kallio and T. Myllylä (2016) ”Combined surface electromyography, near-infrared spectroscopy and acceleration recordings of muscle contraction: the effect of motion” Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences, Vol. 10, No. 2, 12 pages.

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T. Myllylä, V. Korhonen, V. Kiviniemi and V. Tuchin, ”Experimental studies with selected light sources for NIRS of brain tissue: quantifying tissue chromophore concentration”, Proc. SPIE 9305, Optical Techniques in Neurosurgery, Neurophotonics, and Optogenetics II, 93051S (March 10, 2015). doi: 10.1117/12.2076954

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V. O. Korhonen, T. S. Myllylä, M.Yu. Kirillin, A. P. Popov, A. V. Bykov, A.V. Gorshkov, E.A. Sergeeva, M. Kinnunen and V. Kiviniemi, “Light Propagation in NIR Spectroscopy of the Human Brain” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 20, NO.2, March/April 2014, 10 pages.

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T. Myllylä, V. Korhonen, E. Vihriälä, H. Sorvoja, T. Hiltunen, O. Tervonen and V. Kiviniemi., “Human Heart Pulse Wave Responses Measured Simultaneously at Several Sensor Placements by Two MR-Compatible Fibre Optic Methods,” Journal of Sensors, vol. 2012, Article ID 769613, 8 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/769613

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