Research Projects

PhD projects are presented in connection of researcher education. Other projects based on external funding include:

Academy of Finland project "Mineral Systems and Mineral Prospectivity of Finnish Lapland" jointly with GTK, 2014-2018, professor Eero Hanski and research professor Ferenc Molnar (GTK)

Academy of Finland project "Archean sulfur recycling: evidence from multiple sulfur isotopes of mantle xenoliths" 2014-2017, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Academy of Finland project "Three-dimensional structure and properties of the Fennoscandian lithosphere from electromagnetic magnetotelluric measurements. Multivariate analysis and three-dimensional inversion of synchronous electromagnetic array data.", 2010-2015, academy researcher Maxim Smirnov

Thule institute project "Rapid environmental changes in the Eurasian Arctic", 2012-2016, professor Juha Lunkka and research professor Kari Strand

Tekes project "Ultralight exploration methods for subarctic regions" jointly with GTK, 2013-2016, professor Vesa Peuraniemi

Väisälä Foundation project "Molybdene in black shales as an indicator of the oxygenation of the atmosphere", 2014-2015, professor Eero Hanski

Renlund Foundation project "Ylitornio gold project", 2014-2015, professor Eero Hanski

Renlund Foundation project "Re-Os isotope systematics of the Archean to Paleoproterozoic barren and mineralized komatiites in Finland", 2014-2015, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Renlund Foundation project "Pb isotopes in mafic layered intrusions in northern Finland", 2013-2015, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Renlund Foundation project "Selective comminution and flotataion utilizing geological and mineralogical knowledge", 2015-2017, research professor Kari Knuutila

Renlund Foundation project "Magmatic evolution of the Kevitsa igneous complex,northern Finland, and its relation to Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization", 2015-2017, Ph.D. student Kirsi Luolavirta

Renlund Foundation project "Trace element composition of sulfides and oxides in Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ores in Finland", 2015-2017, Ph.D. student Marko Moilanen

Renlund Foundation project "Kiimingin Kumpuselän Au-mineralisaatiovyöhykkeen paikannus ja rajaaminen", 2015-2017, professori Vesa Peuraniemi

Renlund Foundation project "Fluid inclusion microthermometry and high-resolution Raman microspectroscopy studies of the Rajapalot Au mineralization, Peräpohja schist belt, northern Finland", 2015-2017, PhD student Jukka-Pekka Ranta

Renlund Foundation project "Soklin karbonaattipitoisen rapakalliomalmin prosessimineraloginen tarkastelu ja simulaattorin rakentaminen laboratoriomitan vaahdotuskokeiden tuloksista", 2015-2017, PhD student Heli Rautjärvi

Renlund Foundation project  “A study of the structural controls of gold mineralisation at Petäjänselkä, Kittilä, Lappland”, 2015-2016, M.Sc. student David Morrow

Renlund Foundation project  “Pyrite geochemistry and thermoelectric properties as vectors towards mineral deposits”, 2015-2017, M.Sc. Mikael Vasilopoulos

Last updated: 25.6.2015