Research Projects

PhD projects are presented in connection of Researcher Education. Other projects based on external funding are listed below.

Renlund Foundation project "A new approach to mineral exploration in formerly glaciated terrains. Enriched indicator mineral layers in glaciofluvial deposits and their applicability in tracing provenance areas", 2017-2019, postdoctoral researcher Ninna Immonen

Academy of Finland project "Mineral Systems and Mineral Prospectivity of Finnish Lapland" jointly with GTK, 2014-2018, professor Eero Hanski and research professor Ferenc Molnar (GTK)

Academy of Finland project "Archean sulfur recycling: evidence from multiple sulfur isotopes of mantle xenoliths" 2014-2017, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Academy of Finland project "Three-dimensional structure and properties of the Fennoscandian lithosphere from electromagnetic magnetotelluric measurements. Multivariate analysis and three-dimensional inversion of synchronous electromagnetic array data.", 2010-2015, academy researcher Maxim Smirnov

Thule institute project "Rapid environmental changes in the Eurasian Arctic", 2012-2016, professor Juha Lunkka and research professor Kari Strand

Tekes project "Ultralight exploration methods for subarctic regions" jointly with GTK, 2013-2016, professor Vesa Peuraniemi

Väisälä Foundation project "Molybdene in black shales as an indicator of the oxygenation of the atmosphere", 2014-2015, professor Eero Hanski

Renlund Foundation project "Ylitornio gold project", 2014-2015, professor Eero Hanski

Renlund Foundation project "Re-Os isotope systematics of the Archean to Paleoproterozoic barren and mineralized komatiites in Finland", 2014-2015, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Renlund Foundation project "Pb isotopes in mafic layered intrusions in northern Finland", 2013-2015, academy researcher Shenghong Yang

Renlund Foundation project "Selective comminution and flotataion utilizing geological and mineralogical knowledge", 2015-2017, research professor Kari Knuutila

Renlund Foundation project "Magmatic evolution of the Kevitsa igneous complex,northern Finland, and its relation to Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization", 2015-2017, PhD student Kirsi Luolavirta

Renlund Foundation project "Trace element composition of sulfides and oxides in Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ores in Finland", 2015-2017, PhD student Marko Moilanen

Renlund Foundation project "Kiimingin Kumpuselän Au-mineralisaatiovyöhykkeen paikannus ja rajaaminen", 2015-2017, professor Vesa Peuraniemi

Renlund Foundation project "Fluid inclusion microthermometry and high-resolution Raman microspectroscopy studies of the Rajapalot Au mineralization, Peräpohja schist belt, northern Finland", 2015-2017, PhD student Jukka-Pekka Ranta

Renlund Foundation project "Soklin karbonaattipitoisen rapakalliomalmin prosessimineraloginen tarkastelu ja simulaattorin rakentaminen laboratoriomitan vaahdotuskokeiden tuloksista", 2015-2017, PhD student Heli Rautjärvi

Renlund Foundation project  “A study of the structural controls of gold mineralisation at Petäjänselkä, Kittilä, Lappland”, 2015-2016, M.Sc. student David Morrow

Renlund Foundation project  “Pyrite geochemistry and thermoelectric properties as vectors towards mineral deposits”, 2015-2017, M.Sc. Mikael Vasilopoulos

Last updated: 24.4.2019