Introduction to the Fields

Oulu Mining School offers an international Master's Degree Programme in Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining, with two study options: Geosciences, and Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing:

Geology can be divided into several subdiciplines. The geological history of Finland has produced two clear entities expressed as ancient solid bedrock covered by much younger loose sediments. This has led to a traditional division of geology in Finland into two main branches, bedrock geology and quaternary geology. In Oulu Mining School, teaching and research of bedrock geology is under the major subject (study option) Geology and Mineralogy, while the focus of teaching and research of Quaternary Geology is on loose sediments, of which most are glacial in origin. Geochemistry includes methods to study bedrock and quaternary deposits using chemical measurements. Exploitation of Earth's mineral resources requires various skills of Mining Engineering, with the excavation of rocks and minerals and their transport for further handling, while Mineral Processing deals with processes and practises used in separation of commercially valuable minerals from their ores and Geophysics methods to study both the bedrock and quaternary deposits by physical measurements.

Last updated: 13.6.2018