Degree Programme in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing can be studied in the 2-year Master's Degree Programme in Mineral Processing and Sustainable Mining. Students will choose their major line of specialisation from three options: 

  1. Mining Engineering
  2. Mineral Processing
  3. Applied Geophysics

Those who want to become applied geophysicists complete first a Bachelor of Science degree in the degree programme of Physics of the Faculty of Science, after which they can transfer to Oulu Mining School to do a Master’s degree by applying to the programme, provided they have a sufficiently wide background in Physics and Geophysics. For Master's Degree in Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, Bachelor's degree in similar majors and subjects is required.

After graduation, students have acquired abilities in challenging design, research and development tasks of the mining field and also a strong foundation and eligibility for further doctoral studies.

Mining engineering as part of the engineering sciences is a wide field including resource assessment, rock drilling, rock blasting, excavation and tunneling, design and planning of mines and underground spaces, mining methods, mining machinery, rock support, hauling and transportation methods, mine ventilation, back filling and ground subsidence, safety, financial planning, etc. The expertise obtained from the mining engineering studies can be utilized not only in designing, constructing and operating metal mines, but also in other extractive industry, such as dimension stone and construction material production.

The field of mineral processing deals with various processes and phenomena related to economical separation of valuable minerals and metals from the ore. Mineral processing techniques include e.g. crushing, grinding, mechanical unit processes, flotation, magnetic separation and leaching technologies. Oulu Mining School provides an excellent education and research infrastructure, OMS Research Centre, including for example continuously operating pilot scale concentrating plant.


Last updated: 13.6.2018