New book on the mineral deposits of Finland

A new book, Mineral Deposits of Finland, edited by Wolfgang Maier, Raimo Lahtinen and Hugh O’Brien, was published by Elsevier in June 2015 (ISBN-13: 9780124104389, ISBN-10: 012410438X).

Authored by the world's premier experts on Finnish mineral exploration and mining, Mineral Deposits of Finland offers a thorough summary of the mineral deposits and their petrogenesis, helping readers to map, explore, and identify Finland's renewed potential for mineral exploration and extraction.

Table of Contents

1. A history of the exploration for and discovery of Finland’s ore deposits
2. Synthesis of geological evolution and metallogeny of Finland
3. Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits
4. Deposits related to carbonatites and kimberlites
5. Gold deposits
6. Fe deposits of Finland
7. VMS deposits
8. Deposits related to granites
9. Other types of mineral deposits
11. Exploration methods
12. Finland's mineral resources--Opportunities and challenges for future mining

Last updated: 10.8.2015