Geology and Mineralogy

Research activities in geology and mineralogy are mainly concerned with geological processes emphasized on the generation and evolution of the Archean and Paleoproterozoic bedrock in Finland.  Important applications are examining geological formations, searching and utilization of economical important formations and management of environmental questions. Magmatic processes and mafic intrusive rocks as well as supracrustal rocks in our bedrock have been studied intensively. Alkaline granites, alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the Fennoscandian Shield form also an important research subject. PGE, Cr and Ni-Cu ore deposits have been an essential area in the study of mineral resources. Recently, also Au, Zn-Pb, and W mineralizations related with the Paleoproterozoic formations have been a target of study. Issues of crustal evolution, paleosedimentology, tectonics, structural geology and metamorphic petrology have been concerned with many research projects. Collaboration with Finnish industry on applications of petrology and applied mineralogy forms a remarkable sector of the research.

Last updated: 20.2.2019