Current PhD Projects

Anne Huhta
Dependence of the thermal properties of soapstones on microstructural and mineralogical factors / Prof. Eero Hanski

Fangfang Guo
The noble metal contents of Finnish basic-ultrabasic volcanic rocks and dykes: implications for Finland’s Ni-PGE-Au prospectivity / Prof. Eero Hanski

Haresh Kumar
Enhancing fine particle floatability of sulphide minerals by changing pulp chemistry using sustainable reagents and techniques / Prof. Saija Luukkanen

Ilkka Lahti
Magnetotellurics and electric conductivity in the Fennoscandian Shield / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya

Jouni Nevalainen
Application of seismic methods to 3-D and 2-D mapping of subsurface / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya

Katri Vaittinen
Crustal conductivity by magnetotellurics along the reflection seismic FIRE profiles in the central Fennoscandian Shield / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya

Kimmo Kärenlampi
Genesis and utilization of the Otanmäki Nb-REE mineralization in central Finland / Prof. Holger Paulick, Eero Hanski, Saija Luukkanen

Marko Moilanen
Magmatic mineral systems in Finnish Lapland / Prof. Eero Hanski

Niina Paasovaara
Develop a new method to identify microcracks inside ore boulder or ore particle generated by mechanical stress / Prof. Zongxian Zhang

Raul Mollehuara Canales
Applied hydrogeophysics for characterization of tailings storage facilities / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka

Seppo Leinonen
Tectonic and metamorphic evolution, geochemical, mineralogical composition and textural properties of soapstone bodies in Finnish Fennoscandian Shield and Norwegian Caledonian orogenic belt / Prof. Eero Hanski

Tiina Eskola
Quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology of Northern Finland / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka

Tiina Nikarmaa
Dynamics and deglaciation patterns of the former Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the Weichselian Stage / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka

Uula Autio
Joint-inversion and modelling in electromagnetic geophysics / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya

Last updated: 6.2.2019