Disclosing of Address information and Research Permits

How to apply for disclosure of information from student register Oodi 

If you work or study at the University of Oulu, you can fill in an electronic application:

  • https://eforms.oulu.fi/en
  • Log in with your Office 365 account
  • Choose: Application for Disclosure of Information from student register Oodi

If you are from another organization (outside the University of Oulu), you need to fill in PDF-form: Application for Disclosure of Address Information. Return the application by email to oodituki.


More information on applying disclosure of information from student register Oodi

  • When applying for information, you need to specify for what purpose you need the information. Typical use of student data can be for example scientific research and contacting certain group of students.
  • If you wish to contact students through students e-mail lists, you can apply for permit to do only that. In this case no contact information will be transferred to you, only the permit to contact students via email list.
  • If you need statistical information with no personal data, your request is not handled through this form. You can check if the information you need is available in the university’s reporting portal. If you are not University of Oulu personnel, you can contact oodituki@oulu.fi for statistics.
  • Contact information that is over six moths old, will not be given.
  • The decisions to disclose information from student register are handled taking into consideration the legal grounds for data disclousure (e.g. GDPR, Act on the Openness of Government Activities). Depending on the information in your application, the University of Oulu will either transfer the requested information to you, ask for additional information or reject your application.
  • We aim to handle the applications as soon as possible. If there is information missing from your application, we will contact you.

Last updated: 21.1.2021