Study Modules

Q: Some of my completed courses are missing from my transcript. Why?

A: If you are missing a single completed course, please contact your Faculty Study Affairs.

Rights of Study

Q: I have a secondary right of study and I would like to change it into a primary right. How can I switch the primary and secondary rights and register for both degree programmes?

A: You do not have to register separately for different degree programmes. Once you are registered as an attending student, you can study within all the programmes that you have the right to. Separate registration is not needed. In case you wish to change your primary right, please contact Student Affairs at Student Center: student.services(at)oulu.fi.


Q: I registered for the university in WebOodi. Where can I get the sticker to my student card? Do I need to give some kind of proof that I have paid the Student Union membership fee?

A: You can get the sticker from Student Center or from Student Union in Linnanmaa Campus. Directions on when and where to register can be found here, along with how to get your sticker by mail if needed. Payments can be verified through WebOodi so you do not have to show a receipt.

Last updated: 22.6.2016