Degree system reform 2005

The Reform on the Higher Education Degree System September 1, 2005: Studies will be dealt with in credits instead of credit units.

All completed courses will be marked down in Oodi with both credit units and credits. Credit units will be converted into credits by multiplying the credit units by the coefficient that each faculty has agreed on. In medical and dental studies, the nationally approved coefficient of 1.5 will be used. The Faculty of Humanities will use the national coefficient of 2.0. In other faculties, the coefficient will be between 1.7 and 2.0.

The converted credits will be rounded up to the nearest half or full credit. The coefficients may vary within faculties depending on the study unit or study module. Departments can deviate from the agreed coefficient and make changes to how many credits a certain study unit or study module is.

When converting the credit units into credits, the coefficient will be chosen according to the faculty and the department providing the courses, not according to the department the student belongs to.

Each faculty and department will answer inquiries on their conversion of credit units.

Also studies completed after September 1, 2005 will be entered in Oodi as both credit units and credits regardless of whether the student takes the degree according to the old or the new degree requirements.

Note: Students who have started their studies before autumn 2005 can continue studying according to the old degree requirements at least until 2008.

More detailed information on the Reform on the Higher Education Degree System at

After the conversion, students will be able to view their personal studies in WebOodi either in credit units, credits, or both. Buttons for Show credit, Show credit unit, and Show both have been added above the Completed courses table.

Introduction to the new grading scale

A new grading scale will be brought into use in the University of Oulu September 1, 2005.

The reform concerns all students regardless of their year of commencement. Study units and study modules will be graded 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (whole numbers), or pass. The Latin grading of pro gradu theses will remain the same. Swedish will continue to be graded with satisfactory or good.

All grades in WebOodi are now entered according to the new grading scale. Nevertheless, the original grades remain in the database. You can view your original grades by clicking the Show old grades button.

The rules of converting the most commonly used grades are presented in the following table. More information on the conversion can be acquired from the faculties.

The new 1-5 scale The old grade The old grade
medical study units
The old grade
study modules
The old grade
study units/modules of the Faculty of Technology
5 3-, 3 EX, L E E
4 2+, 2,5 M   H+
3 2-, 2 C H H
2 1+, 1,5 N T T+
1 1-, 1 A   T
(TOL, STO practical work)
hyv+, h++      

More information on the Reform on the Higher Education Degree System, the conversion of the grades, and the new grading scale is available in the faculties. Should you have any questions about WebOodi, email them to oodituki at

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