Study Progress Report

Study Progress Report is closely linked with teachers' Study Plan Tool in WebOodi.
Tutor teachers and PSP advisors get study progress reports on their students, available at Sisu Portal. The report is based on groups created with a grouping tool in WebOodi, and it can be created for group advisors.
Sisu report replaces study progress report previously found in WebOodi, which also sent out an email attachment once a term to advisers.
Information included is e.g. credits received by each term, study plan acceptance date, previous degrees, etc.
New feature (November 2015) is a group ranking report for advisors, where students are ranked into one graph according to received credits.
Report in Sisu Portal is called 'HOPS-ryhmät ja opiskelijat / Personal Study Plan (PSP) Groups and Students'. Select your organisation and  name from the right, and choose 'Apply'. Once you see your groups, you can open individual student information by selecting student's name. Use arrow images on the top to navigate in Sisu.
Grouping Tool Guide can be found from Guides for Teachers page.


Last updated: 27.10.2015