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The Open University provides the chance to study regardless of your age or prior education. You may complete basic and intermediate studies as well as language and communication studies. We welcome you to study at the Open University!

At the moment the most of the studies of the Open University are held in Finnish, but we offer some of our courses in English.

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General Information

Open University offers courses in six fields of the faculties of the University of Oulu and the Language Centre of the University of Oulu. The instruction is in line with the basic instruction offered to degree students at the University of Oulu in terms of quality, content, and learning outcomes. The content and quality of the courses is the responsibility of the faculties and departments of the University. Teachers at the Open University are usually university teachers.

In most subjects the Open University organises basic studies modules of 25 credits and intermediate studies modules of 35 credits. Students may also complete individual courses, the extent of which may vary.

Completing entire degrees at the Open University is not possible. You may only complete parts of a degree that may later be included in your university degree if you are accepted into a university as a basic degree student. Please also note, that the language of instruction is Finnish in most of the courses offered at the Open University.

Open University studies are subject to tuition fees. Tuition fees are determined by the extent of the course or study module in question. The basic formula is 15 euros / ECTS credit.

More detailed information about course tuition fees and modules can be found in the curricula.

The tuition fee covers services such as study counselling and guidance, registration of student information and completed courses, study guide, transcript of records, grade certificates, course exams (excluding retakes), and the basic services offered by the University Library and Data Administration. By paying the tuition fee the student receives the study right for the course(s) or module(s) to which he or she has registered. A separate charge may be issued for course materials or if the teaching is organised in a manner that differs from the norm.

The study right is valid for the duration of the course: for modules of 25 credits the study right is usually valid for two semesters and for modules of 35 credits for two or three semesters. The autumn semester ends on 31 December and the spring semester ends on 30 June.

For help and guidance regarding Open University studies you may turn to the coordinators and teachers responsible for the courses in question. You may also come in for personal study guidance if you wish to learn more about planning your study path, the different specialisation options, or other practical study-related matters. This requires you to book a time beforehand. You may contact the coordinator directly to book the time.

The student office can help you with matters concerning schedules, exam results, exam dates and locations, tuition payment, etc. The email is: avoin.yliopisto(at)oulu.fi.

At the Open University students usually have three chances to take the course exams. Students do not have to separately sign up for the exams for courses that have lectures. However, signing up is required for other types of exams, such as studym odule final exams, exams taken to compensate for missed lectures and separate book exams. Students must sign up ten days prior to the exam date, at the latest, for these exams. The Open University office must be notified of cancellations.

Exam results are entered into WebOodi. Courses and studymodules are graded either pass/fail or on the numerical scale of 0–5, depending on the course or module.

Single courses
Registration for single courses is binding. Course fees will not be refunded after registration. Cancellation is possible only due to illness (medical certificate required). In these cases, please contact our study affairs office avoin.yliopisto(at)oulu.fi.

Study modules
Registration for study modules may be cancelled 14 days prior to the beginning of studies at the latest. If the cancellation is made after that but before the beginning of the studies we will refund the part of a course fee that exceeds 50 euros. If the cancellations is made during the studies we will refund the part of the fee that exceeds 50 euros deducted the fees of the courses that have been held by the time of cancellation.

Please note that some cases we have limited enrolment for the study modules. In these cases fees will be refunded after registration. This is indicated in study programs.

Cancellations made by Open University
If the cancellation is made by Open University 100% of the course fee will be refunded.


Contact us

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Open university office's email is: avoin.yliopisto(at)oulu.fi

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