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10.2.2021 News

Industrial verticals hold the promise for the business of 6G

”We can't win in 5G or 6G by playing defense. We have a very strong offense game in this regard. And to win, we have to be ready to disrupt the old business practices and change the rules with new concepts”, says Dr. Petri Ahokangas, Professor of Future Digital Business at Oulu Business School. He will focus on 6G research over the next couple of years as he joins the 6G Flagship crew full time – bursting with enthusiasm.

22.1.2021 News

Over 1 000 applications to the international master’s programmes

Altogether 2 961 applicants submitted their applications to the international degree programmes at the University of Oulu during the first joint application period, which ended 20 January, 2021. Oulu Business School received 1 044 applications to its six master’s programmes. The number increased by 11 percent from the previous year (2020: 939).

2.10.2020 News

International recognition for business marketing research at the Oulu Business School

In a recent publication, the business marketing research done at the Oulu Business School was ranked among the best in the world.

17.9.2020 News

Five new international programmes to start from Autumn 2021 – studies available on epidemiology, data science, sustainability, and digitalisation

University of Oulu opens a record number of five new degree programmes taught in English to train future pioneers to solve global challenges with science-based solutions. The graduates are expected to have a high demand both in the industry, public sector, and academia.

23.6.2020 News

Digitalisation boosts business

Digital business can be found in all sectors. Researchers at the University of Oulu analyse opportunities for digitalisation and help companies to develop a new business model. Their partners include the Port of Oulu, which is building a 5G local network with digital services.

27.4.2020 News

University of Oulu collects worldwide everyday experiences of the corona crisis

The University of Oulu collects information worldwide on the effects of the coronavirus crisis on people's everyday life. Experiencing the Pandemic project material will be used in a variety of disciplines, including in dealing with potential new crises.

7.4.2020 News

Bringing human perspective in digitalisation research

The multidisciplinary GenZ profiling project of the University of Oulu begins to materialise when the tenure track assistant and associate professors selected in January begin their research activities. At the same time, the project objective of bringing human orientation to digitalisation is highlighted from the perspective of the different research fields.

26.3.2020 News

New professorship strengthens the University of Oulu's expertise in the automotive field

A professorship in automotive business has been established at Oulu Business School. The aim of the professorship is to develop business in the automotive sector, respond to future challenges with the help of research and promote university education in the field. The new position complements the extensive expertise in the automotive field in the various faculties of the University of Oulu. Through the professorship, dialogue and cooperation with national and international automotive networks will also be intensified.

16.3.2020 News

Updates on Coronavirus situation 2.4.2020

The University of Oulu will switch entirely to distance learning and close its campuses from students, in accordance with the guidelines from the Government of Finland.

25.2.2020 News

Future leaders will be trained in an EU project that has received millions in funding

The international multidisciplinary joint project examining the sustainability and effectiveness of new business has received 4.3 million euros in funding from the European Union Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks programme. From the University of Oulu, the Martti Ahtisaari Institute from the Oulu Business School will be taking part in the project. The funding share of the University of Oulu is 1.1 million euros.

24.1.2020 News

11 percent increase in the number of international master's programmes applications at Oulu Business School

Altogether 939 applications were submitted to the Oulu Business School’s international master’s degree programmes. The application period ended 22 January, 2020. The number increased by 11 percent from the previous year (2019: 847). International Business Management was the second most popular programme in the University of Oulu.

22.1.2020 News

Finland's first professor specialising in brand management started at the University of Oulu

The first Finnish professor specialising in brand management has been appointed at the University of Oulu. Docent Saila Saraniemi, Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, started in the position at the beginning of this year.

20.12.2019 News

Graduation with old degree structures ends in July 2020

Graduation with old degree structure will end in July 31, 2020. This concerns students in international master’s programmes whose right to study has started in fall 2013 or earlier.

4.12.2019 News

Geography to support health services

The SOLOGS project of the University of Oulu examines the ideal location and most reasonable logistics for the social and health care service network in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. The results of the project, which will be completed in autumn 2020, are already attracting interest.

13.11.2019 News

DigiHealth aims for practical applications

Digital health technology is one of the most important research themes at the University of Oulu. The DigiHealth project also takes researchers to the corridors of Oulu University Hospital.

7.11.2019 News

Foundation for Economic Education: 100 years in support of the future

Thursday the 7th November is the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Foundation for Economic Education in Finland.

29.5.2019 News

Pentti Pikkarainen appointed Professor of Practice at the Oulu Business School

Pentti Pikkarainen, PhD (Econ), has been appointed Professor of Practice at the Oulu Business School.

20.5.2019 News

Dean Mikko Puhakka receives an award for his merits in research and education

Professor Mikko Puhakka was awarded a € 15,000 award for his merits in economics research and education by the Finnish Cultural Foundation's North Ostrobothnia Regional Found in May 17, 2019.

8.5.2019 News

Yritys: Vastaa ja tule kehittämään alueellista digipalvelutarjontaa

Nyt voit vaikuttaa suomalaisten yritysten digiosaamiseen ja -valmiuksiin!

5.4.2019 News

The Cross-Border Cooperation on innovation – The joint taskforce

In the Arctic Spirit conference in Rovaniemi November 2017, Arctic 5 universities and cities (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Luleå, Umeå and Tromso) decided to set up a joint taskforce to improve cross-border co

30.1.2019 News

Extension of AACSB accreditation for Oulu Business School

A high quality research and education of Oulu Business School (OBS) has been recognized again with the extension of international AACSB accreditation. OBS was the fourth business school in the Nordic countries to earn the initial accreditation in 2013. Now it is one of the longest accredited business schools in the Nordic countries.

24.1.2019 News

847 applications to the international master’s programmes

Oulu Business School received altogether 847 applications to its five international master’s programmes. The number is higher than before the introduction of tuition fees. This year, the University of Oulu has a stricter scholarship programme and language requirements compared to previous year.

16.1.2019 News

Genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour

Researchers from the University of Oulu are involved in a large-scale international study, which shows that genetic factors partly explain risk behaviour. The effect of individual genes on risk behaviour is low, but the interaction of genes is significant.

5.12.2018 News

The fPlaza project promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability

University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences reinforce women’s high-growth entrepreneurship, career opportunities and business expertise in the international fPlaza project. The aim is to develop and pilot three entrepreneurship and business management training programs for women in entrepreneurial or leading positions.