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Oulu Business School has significantly developed its activities since it became an independent faculty at the University of Oulu in 2000, and expanded and internationalised all its activities strongly in recent years.

We currently have approximately 1600 students, which includes students in our Bachelor and Master programmes in various disciplines, as well a Executive MBA students as well as Master's degree students from all over the world. A clear sign of our growth is the number of graduates - annually close to 200 students are awarded a Master degree - significantly more than in 2000. We now have also over a 100 staff and faculty.

The whole alumni community of the University of Oulu comprises over 40 000 members, and each passing year brings another 1000 new alumni into the group. The number of alumni of Economics and Business Administration now exceeds 1500 - already a significant group.

Oulu Business School aims to maintain more active relations with our alumni. Different alumni initiatives are being planned, often in cooperation with our future alumni in student guild Finanssi.

Through our alumni activities, I encourage our graduates to pursue lifelong learning and interaction with their home institution. Academic pursuits will remain a persistent interest and learning will naturally continue after graduation. Now you have an opportunity to participate as mentor, or take part in seminars and other alumni activities. An important role of the alumni is to act as a link between business life and students, teachers and researchers of economics and business.

Besides providing former students with an opportunity to meet each other and former teachers, share news, follow current events at the University, catch up with fellow students, and reminisce about the old times, alumni activities also enable former students to network with representatives of different fields.

You may participate in teaching and research collaboration and use your business life experience to contribute to the activities of your home department. Annually, both Oulu Business School alumni and the larger alumni community of the university are welcomed to several events.

Mikko Puhakka

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There are currently over 600 business and economics alumni in the Alumni Network. We welcome you to join the community and thereby maintain links to the University of Oulu and to your fellow students. Through the alumni network, you will also receive invitations to interesting events. Join the network at alumni.oulu.fi/portal

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Last updated: 9.11.2018