Cloud computing as an enabler of large scale variable distributed energy solutions: Bright Clouds – Dark Clouds

BCDC Energy “BCDC”

Project description

The goal of the interdisciplinary BCDC Energy Consortium is to seek solutions for using solar and wind power as extensively and cost-effectively as possible.

The BCDC research project combines market mechanisms with next-generation ICT and digital services, and more accurate weather forecasts.
The demand-side management and optimisation of renewable, small-scale energy production and cloud services will be made more efficient.

The outcome will  be a modern virtual power plant for maximising the value of flexibility and small-scale electricity production.

Why BCDC Energy?

Electricity based on renewable sources involves uncertainty due to weather changes, and variation in the supply of solar and wind power. So far, the issue has been addressed through the capacity market or demand response, but these two aspects have not been combined.

Research Groups:

The BCDC Consortium is led by the University of Oulu, together with four other research institutes. The project consists of five research groups from the fields of

Project coordinator

University of Oulu

Project results

The first BCDC innovation is the Energy Weather Forecast (Energiasääennuste). This forecast converts sunshine and wind into kilowatt hours for each location in Finland over the next 24 hours.

This information helps, for example, to plan energy consumption and any flexibility needed. The energy weather forecast represents changes in and the future of the electricity market as the dispersed generation of renewable energy will increase, having an impact on power consumption and electricity prices.



BCDC’s strategic partners are The Carbon Neutral Municipality Forum and Finnish Clean Energy Association.

BCDC Advisory Board consisting of 16 private firms from the Finnish energy sector: Caruna, Cinia, Cleworks, Clicinnovation, Codento, DXC Technology, Fingrid, Finnet, Fortum, Helen, Nordic Investment Bank, Porvoo Energy, Siili Solutions, Taaleri, Vantaa Energy and Wärtsilä.

In addition BCDC has other partners: The Energy Authority, Ii Municipality and Motiva.


Teemu Meriläinen

Teemu Meriläinen

Doctoral student