For Exchange Students

Courses offered in English for exchange students

Application information for potential exchange students can be found here

Course Catalogue 2018-2019 is available online in WebOodi. Course information and schedules can be browsed without logging in.

You can also find the list of courses and their schedules here:

Current Exchange Students

NB!  It is OBLIGATORY to sign-up for every course and exam in Weboodi !

Additional courses for exchange students: Entrepreneurship (25 credits)

Oulu Business School arranges minor studies (25 credits) in Entrepreneurship for all degree students in University of Oulu. The entrepreneurship minor is open also for exchange students. Previous entrepreneurship studies are not required. It consists of 5 courses, 5 ECTS each. More information about the courses and responsible teachers can be found at Entrepreneurship Minor (pdf). Registration for the courses is done via WebOodi, the registration system of the University of Oulu  (see link above).


Last updated: 18.5.2018