Getting around

Oulu is nice and compact city where it´s easy to get around! Oulu has one of the most extensive network of well maintained cycling paths in Northern Europe – you can easily reach every part of the city by bike in only a moment.

To get around Oulu there also exists a great bus network. Local bus transportation has numerous routes around the city and it´s possible to reach the University from any part of Oulu by bus. Beside the bus company Koskilinjat serving the Oulu region there is also the City bus, which serves only the downtown area.

Oulu is ideally located to explore Finland! Helsinki is approximately six hours drive away from Oulu and the best skiing centers in Lapland are only few hours drive away.

The bus and rail service in Finland is reliable and extensive and students get 50% discount. Long distance public transport in Finland is modern, safe, clean and generally on time, with routes all over the country. The rail network interconnects all the major cities and the Oulu Airport is the second busiest in Finland.

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Last updated: 19.7.2016