Lin, China, MBA Graduate 2013

It was a great experience to take the full-time MBA program in Oulu business school. During the past few years, after acquiring my bachelor degree, I have worked in Hong Kong and Mainland China for 4 years in marketing and public relationship fields. In 2011, I decided to have a systematic study in Business administration. Therefore, I took a break from work and came to Finland. One-year study endows me advanced knowledge, professional thinking, good market sense and valuable experience. So I am glad to share my experience here.

As the most intelligent city, Oulu city in the world is becoming more and more international. There are many start ups and new technologies booting everyday. In this way, studying and living in Oulu makes me passionate. Lots of successful stories keep telling me if I am doing it, the next one could be me. Backed by the magic city, the full-time MBA programme of Oulu business school as one of a few English teaching program in Nordic countries is attractive and contributive.

The course structure is well organized. We started from Business culture, then courses are getting intensive step by step. We had chance to have lectures by our best professors, and we had visiting lecturers from France and other universities. Business administration is not only about learning from books. We have different real cases and projects for local companies. Three or four group members have been learning and practicing together. It may be one of the best ways to practice thoughts and prove theories. I feel great to grow with company and group members together.

Secondly, the smaller class is an ideal place to stimulate discussion, solve problems and build closer relationship. We have around ten classmates from different countries. What is good is people with different backgrounds and culture always create fantastic ideas. At the same time, we have integrated classes with eMBA and other degree students. It is also great to listen to those people who have more working experience and different vision. Moreover, in new learning environment, we get to know new people expending our network.

Most importantly, we are being listend here. Our opinions and feedbacks are actively collected. Programme is always considering what is the best for us and being ready for positive changes. And I have to admit that Finns are very nice and kind. The staff here are more than just helpful.

There are also many meaningful and remarkable projects to take here. For instance, the Scholarship Programme supports students financially and motivates us to compete in a good way. Mentoring Programme helps mentees to build our network and have the initial  idea about the business environment in Finland. It is quite helpful that mentors could teach us in many areas.

So many appreciated words I want to express. First of all, I have to admit that I admire the honesty and independence of Finnish people. Their willingness to help deeply touches me. Then all the courses and cases help me to create my own independent thinking and ability and motivation to learn new things. And at last, people in Oulu their wisdom and efforts influence me to work hard and continually.


Lin Yuan

10th. May 2013

Last updated: 25.11.2013