Takako, Japan, MBA Graduate 2012

After I received my diploma of electrical engineering from the university and the postgraduate school in Japan, I worked several years for a telecommunication company as an engineer for infrastructure of mobile phones and then as a regional technical project coordinator for Japanese customers. After that I worked for a French company as sales engineer importing and selling electrical parts to Japanese clients. After these duties in business I came to Oulu in Aug 2010 to study full-time MBA programme.

My experience in Japan inspired me to learn about international business overseas. Though there are many business schools in the world, Oulu MBA programme is technology-oriented, which means appropriate for those who don´t have a business background as academic career. Additionally, City of Oulu is a well-known town in which collaboration at global and national levels in academic fields, business life and public sector works very well.

For my MBA Class the programme structure was redesigned and differed a lot compared with the previous years´ programme structure. The new structure was a one-year tailored MBA programme. The change in structure raised some issues during my studies and there were a lot of feedback sessions with the school administration on how to go forward with the changes. There were some difficult times for our class as to how to adapt to the new study environment but with thorough discussions with the school these challenges were overcome and actions were taken to provide a solid programme.

I want to express my thanks for the great support from Oulu Business School in getting the precious job opportunity as an intern, which is one of the electives in MBA programme, here in Oulu. I engage in lots of projects to build a bridge between Japan and Finland in order to encourage local industries in both countries in their international business endeavours.

I think MBA programme provides not only academic study but also societal study. Also, this programme helps to broaden our future possibilities, create valuable network and have “flexible thought´. I am very proud of being a MBA student in Oulu Business School and learning with wonderful classmates, teachers and school staff.

So, all in all, MBA programme in Oulu Business School is a very worthy learning place!!


Last updated: 25.11.2013