Tao, China, MBA Graduate 2010

The beautiful thing about Oulu Business School MBA programme is that, no matter what experience you had before, you can always learn a lot from the deep ocean of knowledge here.

I have been working in Nokia over a decade as senior product manager for high-end device. In Oulu Business School MBA programme I learned the full chain of business, including logistics, marketing plan, sales force management, human resource, financial control, business ethics, startup agility and entrepreneurship. With all these enablers I am well equipped to fight in startup phase of my firm against uncertainty, lack of resource and missing contacts, and so on. Today my jewelry firm Aurorahemi Oy (www.aurorahelmi.com) is partnered with top Salon in Finland (Salon virho), peered with famous brands across Finland, and attracted many sourcing requests and China market entry cooperation. Thanks to my professors and my school!

Oulu Business School is rich of contacts. They help you to connect to world famous firms and organizations, so your starting point is already advanced. Our final consultant project was to develop PricewaterCooper´s money tree product, it helped me quickly to learn venture capital market in Europe and in the USA.

Oulu Business School encouraged me to go on with my own life experience and try things out - Not only learn the theories, but also by practice to learn when to use what knowledge, so the learning is on solid ground. Being accepted in Oulu Business School, your life will start with new opportunity of success, so why wait?


Last updated: 25.11.2013