Minor Studies

Minor Studies 2018–2019 in Oulu Business School 

In academic year 2018-2019 Oulu Business School organizes minor studies in English (below) that are aimed at degree students in the University of Oulu. Oulu Business School offers also other minor study modules that are taught mostly in Finnish, but can be chosen if the student's Finnish skills are good enough. Read more information about the other modules, how to apply and details: http://www.oulu.fi/kauppakorkeakoulu/sivuaineopiskelijat

    A631401 Entrepreneurship, Minor Studies, 25 ECTS cr          

    Students can sign up to the courses directly in WebOodi. 

    Learning goal

    Upon completion of the entrepreneurship minor, the students form their own entrepreneurial experience in the context of responsible business:

    • Students understand entrepreneurship as a broad phenomenon and are able to apply entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in practice
    • Students act responsibly and ethically in their roles as entrepreneurs.

    Choose five of the following courses: 

    724811P Entrepreneuring for Tomorrow, 5 ECTS cr (period B)

    724812P Building Change Through Entrepreneurship, 5 ECTS cr (period C)

    724813P Entrepreneurship in Action, 5 ECTS cr (period A-D)

    724814P Introduction to Business Development, 5 ECTS cr (period A)

    724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment, 5 ECTS cr (timing: free)

    724816P Building Business Through Creativity and Collaboration, 5 ECTS cr (period B)

    Entrepreneurship Minor study guide in WebOodi

    A635801 Basic Business Studies, Minor Studies, 25-40 ECTS cr (online education)

    New Minor Studies module, Basic Business Studies, will be carried out in academic year 2018-2019 as an online education. The module is organized together with nine other universities. Read more detailed course information and how to apply:  

    Basic Business Studies study guide in WebOodi


    Last updated: 2.2.2018