Nightlife and Restaurants

Over 26 000 lively higher education students plus thousands of other young people living in Oulu ensure that if you want to party, Oulu is the place to be! Nightlife in Oulu renders a fascinating experience that can be witnessed from the closest on visiting the bars and clubs in the city centre especially on weekends and on Wednesdays as the locals call it “a little Saturday´. Oulu's diverse and vibrant nightlife scene features everything from excellent live music and good rock clubs to trendy nightclubs and discos where the options vary from salsa dancing to heavy karaoke and everything between. In addition several world known rock performances are hosted in Club Teatria, the largest and renowned indoor rock club in entire Finland.

Even though it's party time, Oulu still retains a very relaxed and friendly vibe. All the bars, clubs and restaurants in the city centre are located close to each other which makes Oulu a compact and easily approachable party town where you won´t get lost. Age limits to different clubs and bars generally vary between 18 and 24. All the bars and pubs typically close at 2 am while nightclubs stay open till 4 am.

Summer nights in Oulu are long and the abundant sunshine can be enjoyed at different outdoor festivals or by cooling drinks in a bar with an open terrace. Though not even the frosty nights in the midst of winter rule out partygoers from the city streets since the nightlife in Oulu is at least as cool as the climate!

There are also a large number of restaurants and cafeterias in Oulu to choose from. The city caters for many tastes offering several wonderful dining experiences and culinary delights ranging from authentic traditional to ethnic and international. Oulu has also become nationally well known city for the great amount of budget pizzerias especially favored by students.

From Oulu This Week web page you´ll find some useful information about sights, shopping, restaurants, accommodation and other services in Oulu and you can also search for upcoming events.

Don´t forget that you´ll also get a student discount at many restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars!

Last updated: 19.7.2016